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Fully equipped production studio for websites, graphics, audio, and video in Lebanon, Oregon.

You have a story to tell, a message to share, and an audience that needs to hear it.


Record your podcast, audiobook, video courses, or youtube videos in our styled and professionally equipped studio- giving you high quality audio and video to help you stand out online.

Today in the office....png

Melody has been doing contract work for me for the past 2.5 years. Whenever I have a "bright idea", and no clue how to accomplish it myself, I call or text Melody. She often says "hmm, let me look into it". A day or so later, she has a plan to execute.

In a very short period, Melody created and designed The capabilities of the website has saved me so much time!

And she also maintains keeping it up to date. Now, she just created The Point Restaurant App. Once again, saving me even more time! Developing the app was no easy task, especially meeting the requirements of the App Store and Google Play.

I must say, I am very thankful and proud of both the website and the App.

I highly recommend Melody Reese if you have a desire to streamline, utilizing technology to help your business grow.

Michael Hall, Owner of The Point Restaurant & Lounge in Sweet Home, OR

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