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The MJR behind MJR Media Productions

Hi, I'm Melody Jordan Reese. I reside in Lebanon, OR (Ah! All the trees explained). I'm the regularly blown away and socially stretched mother of my exuberant, brilliant, creative daughter, Karly. She's 6. I'm also a singer/songwriter, Gilmore Girls enthusiast, coffee shop camper, and lover of puns. 

I grew up a closet nerd. Do you remember AOL? I created my first account at the ripe age of 8, and as babykat86, I delved into the the world wide web and learned from much older (and thankfully not creepy) folks in chat rooms and online games about graphic design and HTML. By age 10 I was teaching myself photo editing and increasing my knowledge of website design. When I was 12, I published my first '.com with HTML tutorials and premade .gif's that folks could copy/paste onto their own websites. 

Over the years I've worked in a variety of industries: Food & beverage service, retail, cosmetology, personal training, non-profits, and semi-professional music performances. Digital media & marketing became more and more crucial for any type of industry, and that's something I've carried with me through all of my endeavors. When I was freelancing as a pre & postnatal exercise specialist and creating exercise programs for moms & moms-to-be, I received requests for marketing help from other local entrepreneurs, and my nerdiness really paid off when I climbed from marketing manager to Executive Director at the Sweet Home, Oregon Chamber of Commerce. All those years geeking out on a computer helped me increase the Chamber's website traffic over 1,000%, increase social media engagement over 60%, and grow the Chamber's membership over 30% in one year. 

So now, friend, here we meet as I've branched out (there's a tree pun for ya) to creative freelancing. If Excedrine has become part of your regular diet due to banging your head against the wall over your online marketing, then we need to chat. Let me help you with:

-Landing pages

-Lead magnets

-Audience Engagement

-CRM automations

-Branding your business

-Website design & maintenance

And more.

To your success,


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